Kitchen and Bath Design

ABC Kitchen and Bath will do a free kitchen design plan, if the customer has a general idea what they want. For a complete design, and full set of plans to take with you for other cabinet bids  there is a plan fee depending on the size of the project. Interior design, wall color, cabinet, countertop, and backsplash correlations help are available as an add on hourly fee.

Most people have a good idea how they want their kitchen, or bathroom laid out. Getting involved with the Designing process is a good way to insure a kitchen or bath design fits your style, and function. 

In a kitchen, or bath, get the function design aspects out of the way before style. Some key things to think about are:  storage, task lighting, traffic flow/maneuverability, appliance door swings, appliance and sink proximity, window location, hood exhaust path, gas pipe path, large electrical wire path, and water/drain paths. Appliance location often decides the layout of the whole kitchen.

To figure out the style you're looking for the best thing to do is to look at lots of pictures, and then look at more pictures, then visit some well done kitchens or bathrooms if possible.

The Kitchen Guide Book is a helpful web site.
The National Kitchen and Bath Association has publications that are helpful.




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