Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Boulder Colorado

There are more kitchen and Bath remodeling and design firms in Boulder catering to the high end kitchen, or bath than in any other town that I have seen of the same size.  boulderites love their designer kitchens.

The median Home/Condo price in Boulder is around 500,000+. The average kitchen remodel should cost between 5% and 20% of a homes value. Kitchens are the top remodel to increase the value of a house.
Boulder City Stats

The average upscale kitchen costs around 80,000 with a pay back of 84%, the average mid range kitchen costs 43,000 with a pay back of 91%, the average minor kitchen remodel costs around 15,000 with a payback of 99%.

The home prices in Boulder consistently appreciate even in a recession, and even when the towns around Boulder are currently in a down trend.

Beware of the smoke alarm rule, where Boulder will make you hard wire new smoke alarms in your house if not already done, before final inspection approval.

Boulder city permit prices are  $74.00 for the first $2000.00 plus 14.95 for each additional $1000.00, up to $25,000.00.    Boulder City fee PDF   

Boulder County permit prices are 83.40 for the first $2000.00 plus 14.35 for each additional $1000.00 up to $25,000.00. Boulder County permit pricing PDF

Longmont city permit pricing page

ABC Kitchen and Bath

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