Saving Money On a Tight Budget Kitchen Or Bath

If you are on a tight budget keep it simple. price goes up quickly if you start moving walls, moving rough plumbing, and adding lots of new electrical. Moving things also leads to a lot of drywall and floor repair.

Saving money on materials boils down to searching out the best price whether on line, or in stores. Sometimes the best deal can be found in a store with a slightly damaged appliance, or a display model.

Saving money on Labor means doing whatever you can yourself. Tell your contractor that you will take care of the materials being on site ready to go; for instance in a kitchen if you have all the appliances, cabinets, flooring, plumbing, lights at your house then the job is just an install- price wise. Do any trades you feel comfortable with, and take care of trash removal.

Get a two or more bids to get an idea of what it should cost. Be aware of contractors that leave things out, and add them later to keep the bid low. Make sure the bid is broken down into activities and what they individually cost.

Beware of a too low or too high bid, something is wrong. Beware of the big box store installations, quantity not quality is their mantra, and they tack on 30% to what they are paying the contractor. If the contractor is not being paid a reasonable amount the result is short cuts.

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