Onyx Shower Systems


The Onyx Solid Surface Shower System can be used in almost any bathroom configuraton, including 2-sided showers, alcove showers, showers with seats, bathtub surrounds, drop in bathtub decks. There are also decorative inlay options, and soap dish/shower seat opions. See the Onyx web site for all optons, email for pricing, color samples available.

       Onyx Shower Pans 

Onyx shower pans come in many standard sizes, but any custom configuration can be made. These are my favorite shower pans, they are tough, solid thick, very attractive, and easy to install.

              Onyx Standard Shower PanOnyx Standard Shower Pan  Onyx Low Profile Shower PanOnyx Low Profile Shower Pan  

Onyx Neo StandardOnyx Neo Standard   Onyx Neo Low ProfileOnyx Neo Low Profile                                          

 Onyx Slider DoorOnyx Slider Door    Onyx Frameless Hinged DoorOnyx Frameless Hinged Door


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