How To Budget A Kitchen

To budget a kitchen first think how much a kitchen should cost to how much your house is worth. A 60,000 dollar kitchen does not fit in a 100,000 dollar house.

Let's take a middle of the road kitchen remodel. Your remodel will be different than this example because you may want fancier appliances, or cheaper cabinets, (ect). Your house is worth say, 300,000. Your kitchen should be 20% of that, or lower. Let's start with 16% which equals around 50,000 for a start in your kitchen pricing. 

You have 50,000 in the bank ready to go, so you start your project budget at 20% less than your total cash, or loan amount, =40,000. Most remodels have design changes, or unforeseen expenses found only when working. Leave yourself plenty of room for changes later to your kitchen cost estimate, at least 20%!

42% Cabinets = $17,600
17% Appliances = $6800
18% Counter tops = $7200
4%   Plumbing = $1600
5%   Electrical = $2000
12% Flooring/back splash = $4800
2%   Paint/Drywall = $800

= 40,000 including labor

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