Bidding and pricing

We do a free initial design that includes computer generated 3D pictures, a labor bid, and a material approximation. For a full set of kitchen, or bathroom plans to take with you there is a fee depending on the size of the project.  For an interior design with all the colors and materials matched up for you is usually price as a percentage of the job cost.

Call 720-530-8378 to set up a bid appointment at the project.


Computer Generated Kitchen Picture




Interior Designer Lisa Brusino in the showroom


1 to 2 weeks for design depending on complexity.
3 to 5 weeks for cabinet delivery after plan and order, and appliance delivery.

After all materials have arrived and checked then usually we start the work on the job, but if there is a tight time line then demo can begin upon cabinet order.

1 to 2 weeks for demo and rough electrical, plumbing, and drywall depending on complexity
1 to 2 weeks for cabinet/appliance installation
2 to 3 weeks for counter top fabrication after the cabinets, and the counter top measure
1 to 2 days for wrap up and clean up
1 to 7 days for flooring or back splash if being done after everything else.


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